creamyburrito asked: Oh and how kelly went to guidance crying about how u won it and i was like fuck like Im not surprised idk because like kelly the mannnnnnnn i like her so much but she always has had this involuntary grudge against noles art And its just because your art is so relatable and everyone xan connect to it / not everyone can relate to hers and idk dude but go u!!!!!!!!! Art so good it makes people cry Do u hav pics of wat u submitted?? I wana c!!!!!

Omg I am just seeing this now thanks g!! I’m super happy and excited and even though Kelly was pretty mad at first she told me later that she was happy for me so I thought that was really nice of her, I mean it must have took a lot for her to do that. Also I have a new blog! (part of the reason I’m just seeing this ask now) so yeah follow 4 follow hehe

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h-o-o-d-l-u-m-s asked: Hi Noelle, I'm Alyssa. I really like your blog annnnnd we should be friends because that's apparently what all the cool kids are doing these days. xx

Oh my gosh this is so so nice thank you! People don’t usually contact my ask box this is quite exciting. Actually it’s a long story to explain how this happened but I’m in the process of changing blogs because of password problems…so if you want you can follow my new one! It’s, and we most definitely should be friends:)

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2014: thicker eyebrows, fatter ass, more lipstick, bigger hair, more reading and better politics.

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